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AMC world guarantee for 30 years. Top quality instead of the throw-away mentality.

The top quality of the products allows AMC to give a worldwide guarantee of 30 years.

AMC World Guarantee
Applies for 30 years to AMC cookware units, combi bowls and serving bowls and platters in stainless steel and the stainless steel parts of the AMC Secuquick softline from the date of handing over to the buyer.

It applies for two years from handing over for all other parts of the AMC Premium System: AMC Visiotherm, AMC Audiotherm, AMC Powervac, AMC Navigenio and all other products.

Regardless of which country you bought your AMC products in: your right to the guarantee is defined in the purchase contract with AMC.

The environmental system
The AMC Premium System also does its best for the environment: fewer damaging emissions, less water and energy consumption, less CO2, environmentally-friendly production, packaging and cleaning, high quality products with long life-cycles, less waste of products and food.

You save money every day.
Less fat, salt, water, energy and time, less food shrinkage, less food wasted and fewer new products to buy – the AMC Premium System is also a savings system. To your advantage – your whole life long!